How To Welcome Guests When You’re A Remote Host

Sometimes, even the most conscientious short-term rental host can’t greet guests in-person. Maybe there’s a scheduling conflict—or perhaps the very reason you decided to become an Airbnb host was so that you could rent your property while you were out of town? Whatever the case, don’t worry. You can offer your guests a warm, friendly welcome, even remotely. Just make sure that you:

  • Introduce yourself

When you can’t meet your guests face-to-face, you’ll need to find another way to say “hello.” A personalized note left on the kitchen counter might do the trick. Or you may want to consider using a short video to introduce yourself and offer a friendly greeting. The goal is to connect with your guests on a personal level and help them get to know you better.

  • Provide all the information guests need to know about your property

Be upfront and unambiguous about your House Rules. If you don’t allow smoking, or pets, or loud music, say so. Likewise, be sure to explain–in detail–how guests should use your property’s amenities. What’s the password for the WiFi? Where, exactly, is the knob to turn on the hot tub? Is there a remote to operate the skylight shade? Your guests depend on you for clear and specific instructions. Many home sharers compile information like this into a binder. Others are finding it’s easier—and more effective—to create a video that shows precisely what guests need to know . When it comes to finicky switches and complicated thermostats, a picture definitely can be worth 1,000 words!

  • Share your local insights

As host, you are your guests most trusted resource for recommendations about what to do and see in the area. That’s why it’s important for you to offer plenty of information about nearby attractions, including brochures, maps, transportation tips, coupons, etc. You can gather all of your recommendations into a guidebook, or you can use WelcomeTV to go a step further. With WelcomeTV, you can select from a library of professionally-made videos about local points of interest. Because these videos engage with sight, sound and motion, they can help your guests plan better and enjoy their stay more–and that can translate into higher ratings for you!

  • Personalize the experience

When you’re hosting remotely, adding a few personal touches to your property can go a long way to making your guests feel welcome and at home. Cute little accents like painted wine glasses, specialty soaps and quality towels can really can amp up guest satisfaction, as can thoughtful seasonal touches, such as a pumpkin on the doorstep in the fall or an extra tube of sunscreen on the vanity in the summer.

And of course, when you can’t be there to greet your guests in-person, make sure you…

  • Transfer the keys securely

Leaving the key under the front door mat is not your best option. Instead, opt for a lock box or invest in a smart door lock (or apps!) that let you bypass physical keys entirely.

If you are a short term rental host, who wants to learn more about how WelcomeTV can help you give your guests a warm, friendly welcome, even remotely, start by downloading our free host app We also offer tools and a management console for property managers with multiple properties. Email us at for more details.